Cityseekers community hosts

Central to Cityseekers activity is the 'community mystery challenge' and the organisations and places that help with hiding and giving clues. Supported by the Cityseekers leader the kids solve clues that take the to a 'mystery challenge location' hosted by a local area community group, artist, local business or other representative of the diversity in the area. These groups then lead an activity that build understanding of who they are and what they do by giving the kids a challenge to solve for the day.


Squishface Comic Studio

Squishface Comic Studio is Australia's only open comic studio and is a great creative hub that holds drawing classes for adults and kids. The great people at Squishface have been wonderful hosts for Cityseekers Brunswick adventures and we hope to work with them more in the future!

New host?

Are you interested in hosting a Cityseekers challenge to raise awareness of your group, work, organisation among young people in your area? Contact us at

Chris Lassig

Chris Lassig is a science communicator, storyteller and broadcaster who hosts science challenges for our programs.

3CR Radio

3CR Community Radio wil host tours of their studios.