Cityseekers treasure hunt activities
  • Small groups of up to 10 children meet our Cityseekers Leader at a convenient location

  • Afterschool adventures are booked as school groups and children are met at school straight afterschool

  • Holiday and weekend adventures depart from scheduled locations. Check our booking page for upcoming adventures in your area

  • Children are given or have to find a series of clues to solve that them from place to place in their local area 

  • Clues include finding locations on a map and agreeing as a team how to get there, a game of hangman to discover the hidden secrets about a place, deciphering a code that tells them what to do next

  • All adventures culminate in a community challenge. Community challenges are hosted by representatives of different groups in the community

  • In one challenge the Cityseekers group were taught how to be a vision guide for someone who is blind or vision impaired. They then worked in pairs to support each other through an obstacle course as a guide/blindfolded person.