Cityseekers adventure activities

Cityseekers offers three programs:

  • School holiday and after school programs: Looking for something to do this school holidays? Is your after school program looking for interesting activities for their older kids? Contact us to tailor programs for your area or check our calendar to see upcoming events in the CBD and Melbourne suburbs. Click here for more information.

  • Community connect activity workshops: Build relationships between schools, communities, or different . Cityseekers runs workshops with children and young people to develop their own treasure hunt activity and set it up for a partner school/organisation/group to get to know their area/venue/community. Ideas for Cityseekers workshops include high school transition orientation programs, orientation for international students, and inter-school relationship building. Click here for more information.

  • Special bookings: We come to you and tailor the activity to your local area. Contact us here if you are interested in arranging a Cityseekers activity for your local event or in your suburb.