Treasure hunt development workshops

Cityseekers workshops with children from Years 5 and 6 help them to create a treasure hunt program they can host that introduces people to their area, facility, culture(s), community or neighbourhood.


The workshops support children to:

  • to orient themselves and develop a map of their important, interesting and special places in the local area

  • design clues and challenges for the treasure hunt using Cityseekers templates

  • creates plan of action to set up and run a treasure hunt activity for another group.

Workshops are recommended for schools, out of school hours care programs, community and social groups and corporate family days.


  • strengthened community familiarity and knowledge

  • development of orientation self awareness and ability to use and develop maps

  • opportunity to strengthen leadership and problem solving skills

  • relationship building with other groups who will complete the child developed treasure hunt challenge.


Cityseekers provides: Workshop facilitation, treasure hunt implementation plans and tools and most materials. 

Duration: minimum 1.5 days (1 day workshop and half day hosting the activity for the invited participants)

Contact us for more details.